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Office Form Esitmate Auto Repair 1936 Ambassador Drive Gulf Breeze FL, 32563








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In the event you leave the vehicle after hours or authorize another person to drop off the vehicle, an estimate and work peformed to complete an estimate will start, all work must be approved by the customer prior to repairing any vehicle at the locaiton.

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1936 Ambassador Drive Gulf Breeze Florida, 32563. We repair vehicles in the Escambia and the Tri-County Area For Mobile Mechanic mobile mechanic not always available. We exchange lightweight maintainable parts and avoid fluid exchanges.



















We do not exchange fludis at this time and our max weight limit per part is usually 80lbs. Our service is expanding and we look forward to offering addtional shipping solution in the future. Thank you for schdueling an auto repair or wash. Repair payments are not made until the repair or wash is complete.






We do not exchange fludis at this time and service maintenance parts we may recycle your fluids back into your vehicle however we do not store house or recycle used fluids nor do we offer new fluid exchanges thank you and we hope you enjoy our service and service maintenance parts. We try to save you the most money as possible. State requires estimates for all repairs above $100.00 and invoicing of the repair. The state also requires that we inform that storage of vehicles, facing upaid repairs on site face a daily storage fee of $49.99 You are also entitled to request, save, and inspect your old parts after replacement. We also match the manufactures warranty period for any replacement parts provided by the customer.

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